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Aron Demetz | comunicato 3D2D TRIDIMENSIONS TODAY | Aron Demetz, Fabio Viale ...

Marble presents ten artworks in the courtyard and entrance space by the Italian sculptor, Fabio Viale.

Ravageurs have tatoos. | Fabio Viale - Punk

lesravageurs: Ravageurs have tatoos.

Artista italiano ricopre sculture classiche di tatuaggi

Italian Artist Gives Classical Sculptures Criminal Tattoos, Makes Them Look Totally Badass

Mourning Victory (1897) | Daniel Chester French

Secrets and Tips from 7 of the World's Greatest Museums

Mourning Victory from the Melvin Memorial In honor of Memorial Day view this war monument designed by Daniel Chester French to honor his three brothers who died in the Civil War. Featured Artwork of the Day: Daniel Chester French (American,

Fabio Viale

The Classy Issue : Photo

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki Memento Mori (4)

Japanese artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki carves surreal life-sized sculptures out of camphor wood and paint, depicting figures with elements of surrealism.

kouros by fabio viale

Total Inspiration: kouros by fabio viale

Black and white - man - torso -  Kouros - Fabio Viale - marble - sculpture - tattoo

Black and white - man - torso - Kouros - Fabio Viale - marble - sculpture - tattoo

SUPERSONIC ART: Fabio Viale, Tattooed Sculptures. Modeled after...

Ever wondered what well-known classical marble sculptures would look like if they& joined some of the world& scariest gangs? Then check out these incredible tattooed statues to see for yourself.

Fabio Viale - 2014

Fabio Viale - 2014