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6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Visual Thinking Skills - new article on www.curiousmindsco.com.au/articles

6 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Visual Thinking Skills - new…

Focusing in the age of distraction (mind map)

In today's digital world of distractions it is difficult sometimes to focus and be productive. The Map of Distractions developed by Learning Fundamentals and Focus by Leo Babauta offer great tips o.

Workshop: 10 Tips to get Started Sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting: great note taking and brainstorming technique, especially for hands-on learners and creative minds that feel trapped in lists.

The Verbal To Visual Notebook

The world is a beautifully complex place. At times that complexity leaves us in awe. Other times it leaves us confused and frustrated. No matter what role the complexity of life plays in your world…

Sketchnotes and Graphic Facilitation

Sketchnotes and Graphic Facilitation

Worth experimenting with "The 6 vivid quick tricks for graphic facilitation or sketch noting.

The Benefits of Graphic Facilitation

My hero in the world of Graphic Art! Liisa Sorsa makes graphics come alive before your eyes as conversations are happening!

A visual summary of the Sketchnote Handbook - a great book to help you get started in visual notetaking

What is sketchnoting? 2012 Book - The Sketchnote Handbook - Mike Rohde

Content What is sketchnote 3 steps to start sketch a. Preparing to sketch note b. Design few basic elements of sketchnoting i.

best doodle for inspiration from @Gary Vaynerchuk "What do you want to do?" @garyvee speaks with passion!

The Multi-Millionaire ‘Gary Vaynerchuk’ Sketch Notes For Success

Sketchnotes: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote at Web Expo – Building Personal Brand within Social Media Meadowcroft Meadowcroft Meadowcroft Vaynerchuk