At their happiest, and at their saddest...

Let's be honest, this was one of the saddest Disney movies in quite some time

Sisters getting along.

Am I the only one who hates the part where they say chocolate in unison then giggle like their from a barbie movie! Sorry but haters gonna hate sometimes!

"They don't call me the 'Little Dipper' for nothing!" - the Duke of Weselton

Anna and the duke of Weaseltown<<<< Omw, the expression on the dukes face.

Frozen. This is what I always think of when this part of the song plays.

Frozen~just a friendly reminder that the whole Fixer-Upper song is a giant foreshadow to how the movie ends and has almost nothing to do with the Kristof and Anna plot

The lies of Hans and the thing that so scared Elsa when she and Anna were little has actually come to pass. Do you realize that THREE TIMES Elsa thought that she was the cause of her sister's death?

Day 8 - Saddest Moment - When Elsa believes she has killed her sister, the one thing she has dreaded

Frozen- Actions disprove earlier statements

Frozen - "I don't take people places." And then he goes and takes her to the only place they know of where she can be safe ohhhh my hearts