Tread Machiya by Atelier Bow wow

Like th child space near the adult space. It could easily support art or sculpture when children grow up. Nicely done.

Modern Japanese home with continuous wooden staircase

How is a house possible? Witness Tokyo architect Akihisa Hirata’s mind-bending, shape-shifting solution to small-space living. Ran and her brother, Gen, read on one of the structure’s 44 continuous steps. Photo by: Koichi Torimura

Atelier Bow-Wow, Alessio Guarino · Kus House

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本格和風とモダン和風~和美庵~ (ポウハウス(POHAUS))|和テイストを取り入れた家|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス【POLUS】の注文住宅

本格和風とモダン和風~和美庵~ (ポウハウス(POHAUS))|和テイストを取り入れた家|建築実例|埼玉・千葉・東京の注文住宅ならポラス【POLUS】の注文住宅

wooden blocks form communal seating

great version of the stadium seating concept New Soundcloud Headquarter / KINZO Berlin office lounge wood benches stair

atelier bow wow: tower machiya

atelier bow wow: tower machiya

built on a plot big enough for a single car, the four-storey house borrows elements of a 'machiya', a traditional wooden communal residence, and is stretched up into a tower to claim as much living space possible.

My namesake home in Japan. Nora House, Atelier Bow-Wow

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