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Especially when you tell yourself, "I'll remember where I put this because it's in an out of the ordinary place..."

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Yes been there done that and it wasn't pretty ever

Best 40 Minions Humor Quotes Narcissistic abuse hurts we can heal loves this Pin Thanks Abuse

Mom, Aunt Patty please pardon the profanity....

They say swearing is due to limited vocabulary. I know thousands of words but i still prefer "Fuck off" to "Go away".

Uggghh this happened to me when I was being sarcastically mean to some one and I felt bad so I typed 'just so you now I do like you, your nice' and it auto corrected to just so you know I like you your cute. And I was like AHHHHH I did NOT mean to type that

I took a pic of a friend and meant to type 'the devil inside of Alexis' Auto correct thought I should type the development inside of Alexis. Because apparently developments are inside of people now, good to know auto correct