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Pretty much

"It's refreshing to find someone different in the world because too many people are all the same." "i'm not an easy person to be with." "i'll drive you crazy, and sometimes, you'll hate my guts." "i won't stop caring about you.

My kids will learn this! I feel SO SO bad for the kids who have whores (men & female) as role models!

spilled ink prose - I think love is wonderful, but don't be too focused on finding 'the one' Just work on loving yourself, your family and friends, and have fun!

When everything makes you sad that your not sad your just nothing and not even that because there is a feeling to nothing and numbness

If you're going to fall in love with me...

Fall in love with me all of me good and bad. Fall in love with my flaws. Fall in love with all of me, the whole me, the real me. or don't love me at all. Love all of me.

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If youre going to fall in love with me here are some things you should know beforehand. Whether its during a movie a sad song on the radio or a regular Sunday morning. Ill cry when I speak of things that have hurt me even if they no longer hu

You will always be too much for anyone not enough. Somewhere out there is someone who'll bring pieces of you home.

I understand why we get stuck sometimes. Hearts are stubborn. They sink their hooks into bad habits that look like people and dreams. and you'll realize that losing everything is the only way to figure out what's worth finding. ~J Raymond