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Red & Pink Diamond from the Argyle Mine via Calleija

lovejewelry: “Red & Pink Diamond from the Argyle Mine via Calleija ” wolfdancer:- Let me introduce you to the Rarest colour of Diamond in the World….The Red Diamond!

Kunzite, spodumene

Kunzite is a pink variety of spodumene, named after U. mineralogist G. Kunz, who first described the gem in I have a nice piece I found on a gem dig and a beautiful faceted one for a pendant.

Pink diamond

Tears of the Gods - Pink Diamonds - ArtiFact :: Free Encyclopedia of Everything Art, Antiques & Collectibles

Cheapside Hoard.  Emerald Watch.  Just amazing.  Emerald had to be cut by master and was at least 150 Carats before being worked on!

Watch set into a single Colombian emerald crystal, the watch is part of the Cheapside Hoard, a cache of jewels and jewellery buried since the Great Fire of London in 1666 and rediscovered in 1912

Argyle Tender Diamonds 2015

Big Winners of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2015

Leibish presents the 26 Argyle Pink Tender Diamonds won in 2015