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#Quote - Don't judge a Book By It's cover _ A book store where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one will 'judge a book by it's cover'

Vala Afshar on

A bookstore and their books wrapped up in paper with small descriptions so no one would “judge a book by its cover” Great idea.

sebastian, morgenstern

(Open RP) I stand in the back of the room, watching, observing. I was never really the social Type. You walk over and I look over at you. "By ourself, are we? “That's how I usually am," I say in a quiet voice.

Vancouver Bookstore Engagement Shoot....love the whole thing, but the ring shot is my fave.

August Grey

yesyesyes bookstore photoshoot for announcement Vancouver Bookstore Engagement Shoot.love the whole thing, but the ring shot is my fave.

A special thanks to all the military men and women who have served or serve to make this country what it is today. From the bottom of our hearts at Belcastro Agency, thank you!

Our soldiers read -- when they can get books. Consider donating books to our active-duty military personnel .

I love this picture. I hope that he is getting emotional over a part in a wonderful book.

everyone loves a good book. [The book he's reading is "The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars", by Patrick Hennessey]

Homeless Man Reading Books | 1977-1998, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel --- A homeless man reads from a stack of books on a park bench in Tel Aviv.

Homeless Man Reading Books - Homeless doesn't mean stupid. There are some brilliant minds out there without a roof over them. And readers are everywhere!

まるで最高の親友みたい グッドバイブスなバディ顔いつも同じ目線でいられる 気さくなLOVEって楽しいのよなれる […]

まるで最高の親友みたい グッドバイブスなバディ顔いつも同じ目線でいられる 気さくなLOVEって楽しいのよなれる […]

Their first of many secret meetings, each one more intense than the last. Would they venture outside? It was safe in the coffee shop.

Looking through a cafe window at night. A moment caught between lovers: what's the story here? Gentle and sweet affection? A moment of tender compassion? I wonder.