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"You're death sentence is on Tuesday," Alex closed the binder in his hand.  I felt his gaze but I kept my eyes on the floor.  Tears blurred my eyes, "This isn't fair." "Did you say something?" "This isn't fair!" I said louder, finally meeting his gaze. "It was Astrid, you know it was.  Please, Alex, Ian doesn't deserve this!" Alex showed no expression, "Without proof I cannot prove anything."

Nikita "Betrayals" Pictured: Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW The CW Network, LLC.

"No... nonono," Maia gasped, rocking back and forth, holding herself tightly. "How could I let this happen?! How could I let him die?!" She sobbed, covering her mouth, devastation racking through her body. // Your character happens upon Maia who is in the hospital in the waiting area, muttering to herself. She is usually calm, cool, and collected, but right now she's in shambles.

nonono," she gasped, rocking back and forth, holding herself tightly. "How could I let this happen? How could I let him die?" She sobbed, covering her mouth.

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(Open RP) Suddenly water begins to pour into the room. I already tried the door and it's locked tight. I bang on the door, someone will hear me right?

So I think I'm going to do something like this to my hair in a couple of months.  And cosplay Starbuck at DragonCon.

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Joy antonov smith (married to Alek and mother of Beau and Bella)

The Death Wanderess - Book 1 (HP FanFic - Fred Weasley Lovestory) - - The Final Kiss -

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