22 Photos of beagle puppies that will make your heart stop with cuteness: Beagle at nap time

the most interesting dog in the world... #dosequisman #beagle

the most interesting dog in the world. - LOL Definitely my dog, Milly!

This is so true. My dog has those long ears so I know she hears me, she just ignores me!!

SO true! If you make eye contact with your beagle when trying to retrieve them whilst out for a walk, you're screwed! They'll think "Ah, the human knows where I am, I'll do whatever I like" :-Y Everything you need to know about beagles

Beagle Puppy Training | Beagle Training found on Polyvore

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Playful beagle pups!

T and I decided we want to get a beagle puppy one day! Can't wait for our future family - Olivia Jayne, William Edward and Joshua Thomas/Jacob with our little beagle Vincent

Laughing, Beagles

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How to Train a Beagle : Teach Your Beagle to Come When You Call With These Dog Obedience Training Tips

vintage Beagle by

Beagle in the snow. My dog growing up was a be able. She died of cancer. Best dog ever.