Already heard Steal My Girl, Fireproof, Ready To Run, and Where Do Broken Hearts Go!

Best Song Ever vs. What Makes You Beautiful. Oh man. Too much. Ahhhhh OMG. I'm not crying. No. I am. I'm crying.

Best Song Ever vs. What Makes You Beautiful. But you need to admit it, the girl in Best Song Ever was prettier xD Oh Zayn !

Narry in 2014 (:

Narry in 2014 (: btw I DON'T ship this. I feel it's more of a bromance

One Direction<<<<Niall is still the best looking to me ♡ ♡ OMG #FANGIRLING

Omg, I just heard the snippet of steal my girl, and let me just tell you I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE WHOLE SONG! I can already this is going to be the best album ever! So proud to be a directioner!

This used to be funny but now it just makes me cry

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Reminder this was before zayn well zayned and when he was MIA all the time


Niall Horan confirms news of One Direction reunion; What are other icons doing?