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I hate fractions with a passion, that this is still hilarious

Me all the time

Emma Carstairs & Julian Blackthorn (Lady Midnight)<<<<< And Lousia Clark and William Traynor (Me Before You) <<< and almost every book on the planet

You can't understand the horror that is a block pit until you encounter one yourself

Am I the only one that was fine in the block pit? Or am I a natural block pit person thing?<----These things hate me. <----- BLOCK PITS HATE ME and im glad i found out im supposed to roll not try and walk hehe oops.

Faith in humanity...restored. Twilight vs. Harry Potter...whichever 14 year old girl wrote these reasons should be thrown to the whomping willow.

Faith in humanity...restored

Faith In Humanity Restored. Twilight sucks and Idc if you're a "die-hard" twilight fan.Harry potter was the best series anyone could have ever wrote!


Well, Tom Cruise hasn't earned one . But Leo DiCaprio, Jim Carey, and Will Smith each deserve a freaking Oscar!

Reasons Why I Love Friends

Honestly Joey is me, if you wanted fries order side fries. Unless I told you, you could take some don’t take it. It’s simple JOEY DON’T SHARE FOOD, I understand the frustration.

Just Jack Sparrow....

Just Jack Sparrow....

Funny pictures about Getting your ship back like a true pirate. Oh, and cool pics about Getting your ship back like a true pirate. Also, Getting your ship back like a true pirate.

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling( I find them funny even though I'm an only child )

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling