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I LIKE TO SQUEEZE MY OCS TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS DON'T JUDGE ME LURTLES!!!! 8VVVV *ahem* So,  In an unlikely AU I imagine these two growing up together and being playmates ('cause i can >3&...

REMY, IT'S O-KAY TO BE GAY  no he's not gay for Yoshiro but they secretly want to do gay stuff lol jk jk I'm teasing my friend So Yoshiro and Hana are not focusing on the training but they are.



TMNT NEXT GEN: Idiotism by Suzukiwee1357.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I don't know the story exactly but i guess it'd go somehow that the guys are in trouble, and Irrilia made it accidentally worse, Hana's loosing her pant. TMNT NEXT GEN: Idiotism

I don't understand this, but the drawings are good, so I'm pinning it :)

Oh I get it Leo like kari and Donnie likes April and MS and shredder are watching kari too.