supreme-ruler-of-anime:  “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.”

(Fairy Tail)Hello I'm Lucy Heartfilia. I'm a spiritual wizard and I'm part of the Fairy Tail guild. I'm not sure if my spirits will work here but I hope they will. Has anyone seen Natsu or Gray?

Fairy tail: chibi lucy with a new outfit and her new key libra i invented a new outfit for lucy and i imagine the key of libra the scales. chibi lucy : new outfit and the key libra

Pixiv Id 7038698, Bludy-chu (Jeanne), FAIRY TAIL, Acnologia, Zancrow, Gajeel Redfox

Pixiv Id Bludy-chu (Jeanne), FAIRY TAIL, Acnologia, Zancrow, Gajeel Redfox they are all so cute

I think Igneel would be very proud of the wizard Natsu has become. Same goes for all the other dragons and their children

I’m so sad and cried because of the last 2 chapters, my poor Natsu. So I had to draw something to calm my feels. Igneel just came out to Natsu life to go away.

fairy tail couples

Ok they spelled Lucy wrong but still BOOOOM goes the dynamite! <--- nah it's a nickname Natsu calls Lucy sometimes and is pronounce as "loose" but yeah, poor Lucy ~w~


Technically it's Lucy from Fairy Tail but I'm pinning it here because I love the art style!