Time to bust the turtle move ! by agnes0177.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Since I saw the season final from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I just had to draw this XD The Turtles in the ending are. Time to bust the turtle move !

The Big Turtle Theory: Booyakasha In The Ball Pitby *craZkid

I heard Mikey say Booyakasha and thought: "BAZINGA! Sadly I don't own TMNT The Big Turtle Theory: Booyakasha In The Ball Pit

Do not repost on deviantArt or Tumblr When sharing my art in other places, always leave credit and a link to the original. Thank you. I have a feeling that some identical twins might recognize them...

TMNT - Guessing Game by Myrling on DeviantArt<- This makes me laugh as hard as it should (which is a lot) comic << Mikey's crying, Donnie tries to find a logical reason, Leo is ashamed, and Raph.


As alike as Karai and Leo are, I can definitely see this happening. She grew up only knowing war, after all.

Headcanons Await!

Headcanons Await!

Michelangelo and Leatherhead (and Donatello)

Fun fact the reason leatherhead grabs donnie's face is because the voice of donnie, rob paulsen played arthur in the tick and his catchphrase was "not the face!

tmnt 2012 facts - Google Search

- Whenever Raph has nightmares, he’ll grab a magazine and go hang out with Donnie in the lab, since his brother is usually awake pretty late. And even though Donnie knows why Raph visits him in.