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God complex by BrET13.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Death Note - God complex XD ignore the grammar mistakes, like I'm trying to

Tags: Death Note , Matt's hair

Tags: Death Note , Matt's hair ~~ So. Yes, Matt has never been whith red hair. But I still pin his uncanon pictures I wish there was more fan art of him with his green canon hair >.

Mello x Matt

It's such a shame that Mello and Matt didn't have bigger parts!

Tags: Death Note/ Mello/ Matt/ mattxmello/ Mihael Keehl/ Mail Jeevas/ Wammy's House/ Near. Art by razuri chan

Do not even know what they're talking about, I just love the art XD

pan2ca: “ 最近のらくがき 最近Tumblrのダッシュボードうまく表示されなくて悲しいのですがまたじっくり見て回りたい…☺️ ”

pan2ca: “ 最近のらくがき 最近Tumblrのダッシュボードうまく表示されなくて悲しいのですがまたじっくり見て回りたい…☺️ ”

MM 8.04 by Razuri-chan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

something to make feel loved comments >faves, thank You I don't have to even write that's mattmello MM

Oh Mello you strange adorable little creature

hes like a fluffy cat ^-^ (dont pet him or else you die)

Matt and Mello #sitting

I love them soo much i have them as my imaginary friends! ( Yes i am a weird chocolate addicted kid!