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12 Best Bar Cart Ideas - How To Make Diy Custom Bar Cart

Getting into the 'spirit' of Christmas with a brass drinks trolley (from Nordal).

Stunning foyer with eclectic black & white photo gallery

LOVE the oval dresser drawers (mid-century) and the eclectic pictures and mirrors. pop of color on the ceiling is a nice contrast while the round chandelier repeat the curved lines of the convex mirrors, picture frames, and dresser

Think about the belongings in your home that you truly love. Could they be repurposed in another room? Can something be repainted? Do you have dishes that you adore that could be enjoyed daily if hung on your wall, instead of hidden away in a cabinet? How about a collection of favorite things that could make an impact en masse if displayed or hung? The end to your rut may be hiding in your closet.

13 Easy Ways to End Your Decorating Rut

Art Perfect Artwork doesnt have to be expensive to look great. Flea market paint-by-number masterpieces and even empty frames create a stylish entry. For unity, look for common wood tones.

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Где разместить фотографии

Display photo across 2 canvases. Could try splitting between 3 or 4 using trees as the splits - Cool family reunion pic etc.

Mail Boxes with flowers. Too cute! What do you do in the winters time?

Boîtes aux lettres originales !

Take your mailbox to the edge of eccentric beauty with a mailbox planter from Stover, Missouri. Color them to accent your house before planting a garden of complementary blooms that will freshen your front yard--a sign of spring!