Time - HEATH LEDGER |  by Stephanie Pfriender: "Heath’s home was Australia and my idea was to build a sandy ground that we could work off of. Within seconds he went to his knees and poured the sand like an hourglass with a sort of melancholy that infused him and me. In time this photograph has come to represent a life that was fleeting."

Heath Ledger by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander. :( miss him in movies so much. Such a good actor.

Heath could never lie convincingly because of his eyes. He's sad and pensive here. Fagged too.

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Michelle Williams was very insecure about her body when she was pregnant. Heath Ledger would often put padding under his shirt to appear pregnant as well, in hopes of making his wife feel better. This photo was taken the first time Heath did this.

heath ledger as patrick verona <3

Heath Ledger - Fan club album

Heath Ledger from Ten Things I Hate About You. The first movie I ever saw him in! RIP my love

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CASTING: Needs to have the "don't care" look and attitude like Heath Ledger when playing Carl. He has a care-free life style due to being a college drop out.

Heath Ledger

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Heath Ledger for fans of Heath Ledger images.

Still missing Heath ❤️

Heath Ledger, photographed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on June It was not long before the opening of "The Patriot," in which he starred as Mel Gibson's son.