I will never look at that number the same.

Analyze the Tittle-"Eleven" Eleven in the story represents the age that Rachel turns in the story. Eleven represents a lot to Rachel in the story like turning Eleven means you're also etc.

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Stranger Things and cast; facts [ 1 ] - #147

I'm really pinning because the Dustin/hopper interaction is pretty accurate for the friendships favorites

Dusted is me whenever I say anything retaliated to Lord of the rings << mike looks so done

I noticed

Did anyone else notice that Billy was ON HER FRICKIN BOOK << The prop designers changed the cover of the original book to look like Billy

Most relatable thing I have ever seen in my life

Yup yup all true (jk I don’t look /that/ much like the demogorgon 🙃

This is so cool i <3 it imma hit you guys with more of this

Just Friends? (REDDIE)