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usuk, spamano, gerita, prucan, dennor<<only pinning bc of Gerlta

Lmao my bro and I aren't supposed to curse but so like he was playing like this racing game at fiesta Texas and so this chick cuts him off (keep in mind he's like 6) and he just has this pissed off face and goes "QUE TE PASA QUE ES TU PROBLEMA VANNAFUCCULO" *translation: what's wrong with you what's your problem fuck you!* the poor girl had this look of fear as he drove off

Even Trump is offended by this

Haha, that’s too fun <--- Headcanon accepted

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The Real Explanation to "Why You Can't Leave The Hetalia Fandom" ----yey! find on tumblr, obvious----- aph hetalia axis powers hetalia associative memory <<<

The Real Explanation to "Why You Can't Leave The Hetalia Fandom"

this is really cute yet kinda sad, the story's on fanfiction.net and it's called slowly but surely

Someone actually wrote a fanfiction with this headcannon and it is fabulous! I dont remeber the name though. <<< I read it recently. Its on Just search for spamano and soulmate AU together and you should find it.


I love the Italy twins.<-- Um the third Italy brother where is he!

1p!Canada is just there like 'ohhhhhhhh'

is just there like 'ohhhhhhhh'