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Ealish Wilson

Ealish Wilson green ties - smocked & pleated rip stop nylon with cable ties - x - We love the innovation Ealish Wilson, well done!

Mechanical Paper Hearts ~  Frank Tjepkema has created a collection of intricately designed hearts out of paper. Made to look mechanical, they are stunning pendants that represent the complexity of the heart and the feeling of love.

Mechanical Paper Hearts

Designer Frank Tjepkema, or Tjep, has created a line of jewelry, called "Clockwork Love Paper" that will light up even the coldest heart. Using paper and acrylic, Tjepkema carves out the mechanical parts of a clock and layers them to create.

This is a garment by Ashleigh Smith. She uses Origami to create the triangles on this dress and connects them all together. I have chosen to look into Smith because she uses a technique that I would like to use. It looks like she layers paper on top of paper to give the triangles more texture. I am also looking into simple shapes to create using origami as well.

3D Paper Manipulation

I really like origami and paper manipulation and I find it's a really fast way to mock up so designs. There are pictures of the originals, made from white paper and quick mock ups where i've photoshoped my designs over.

cool blog about modern embroidery and textile art    what i like: differing pattern, texture, but all in the same color - maybe good for creating a ground

Modern embroidery and textile art, what i like: differing patterns and texture. If these were made with brighter happier fabrics or neutral full colors, it can be something great.

paper sculpture

though lacking a clear base, the curled paper form creates and interesting plant-like form

Paper props for fashion shooting in King Power Magazine – July 2010. — Designspiration

Paper Sculpture / Paper props for fashion shooting in King Power Magazine – July

Just Laugh.: Anthropologie's To-Die-For Displays

This Stunning Fantasy Wedding Dress- Formed Entirely of Paper-Made White Poppies was made for the store-front window of an Anthropologie Boutique. Ideas and Inspirations Wedding Directory-UK