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Full House :)) she shouldn't have broken up with steve
From Stephanie, you learned that crazy teen things like makeout parties make you just as uncomfortable as they do for Danny Tanner.
<b> Did you know that DJ's boyfriend Steve is the voice of <i>Aladdin</i>? Mind. Blown. </b>
Who doesn't remember the epic baby bet. Lesson for all men: GIRLS RULE!!
olsens & john stamos
#FullHouse pic in my PRDaily.com article :) http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/14109.aspx#
(Cousin Steve)   Fun Fact; Dj's (Candace Cameron)Cousin In This Episode is Also her Brother in Real Life, - Kirk Cameron. He Also Was in the show; Growing Pains :)
Steve and DJ my favorite tv couple
Full house