how do you take cuttings from geraniums? These plants are one of the most popular summer bedding plants. Cut your cost of having these garden beauties by starting your own for the next season.

Beautiful Reds | A Collection of Photos

MY FAVORITE FLOWER ~ Geranium Calliope Dark Red. By far the darkest red geranium we have grown. Heat tolerant and blooms all summer.

Tips on planting, growing, and caring for geraniums in containers.

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Geraniums ... Love it

I seem to have a gift for killing flowers. But this year I'm gonna try Geraniums. I've read they're super easy and hardy which is all I should ever attempt to work with so.

Flower bed border idea - alyssum, begonia and ornamental grass - great color combination

Flower bed border ideas - alyssum, begonia and ornamental grass - great color combination. Back yard ideas

Discover which perennial flowers grow best in the shade with plant picks and tips from the experts at HGTV Gardens.

Perennial Flowers for Shade Gardens

Geranium Plants - Americana White Splash                                                                                                                                                                                 More

White Splash Geranium - some small white flower for tricycle flower pot, geraniums, impatiens,

Flower pot

In our trials this hybrid was one of the earliest blooming geraniums grown from seed with a great number of flowers per plant. They still looked good after a l Más

Important summer tips to follow for geraniums to keep them healthy in the heat! on

Important Summer Tips for Geraniums

Chemistry Cachet's four easy important summer tips for geraniums. Check out these tips to keep your geraniums healthy during the summer months!