People should really take a good look at this movie. It's not a bad sequel to be perfectly honest. We could learn so much. -----Not a bad sequel? Girl, this was my CHILDHOOD!

The Lion King - "Hakuna Matata"  Pumba

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couple lion king, 1. Ahadi & Uru, 2. Mufasa & Sarabi, 3. Scar & Zira, 4. Simba & Nala, 5. Kovu & Kiara, 5. Kopa & Vitani

Ahadi and Uru Mufasa and Sarabi Scar and Zira Simba and Nala Kovu and Kiara Kopa and Vitani


Lion king couples Ahadi & Uru, Mufasa & Sarabi, Simba & Nala, Kovu & Kiara So cool!

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