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Harry is going to be that dad who tries to be cool and makes really bad jokes in front of his kids and their friends and his kids are like "dad go away you aren't funny! my bae


hahahah Because I like his shoes. A boy after my own heart. My favorite Irish boy. Oh and by the way he is talking about Toms and I love Toms shoes

e on

e on

"harry is curly, but not very burly, he helps when i'm sick, and has a big--" HA DICK LOL

If, and I mean if, they don't end up coming back after the break, we shouldn't be completely upset. Now y'all here me out, while yes it'll suck if this is "the end" but remind yourself of everything they've accomplished in such a short amount of time, it's incredible. If this is the end, I thank them for giving me awesome memories with my friends and i congratulate them on what they've done as a group. And as someone who loves music, I can't wait to see what comes next as a group or not…

This is not the end! This is not the end! We can make it, you know it, you know you and me got a whole lot of history!

I love this interview sooo much! She's so funny! Not to mention Louis and Niall are basically the most attractive people I have ever seen... totally not creepy

They both look at eachother like wtf did she just say? <<< Aha it cracks me up they have never heard that before.but I say "I'm sweatin like a sinner in church"

I love Harry, and if you meet my friends they'll tell you I love cheesy jokes!!!  I think I just fell in extra love with Harry

(Slaps knee) (dies of laughter) (collapses onto the floor) oh dear lord I love you haz :D>>>>> HAROLD you dork marry me


awww:/ poor Lou, I wouldn't be able to either. I am only