Vickers Armstrong Spitfire FR XIV,G-SPIT.Operator:The Fighter Collection.Manufacture:1944.Rolls Royce Griffon 65.Scheme:Tribute to Johnnie Johnson,JEJ.Built end of 1944 at Keevil,Spitfire Mk XIV stored by RAF until early 1945.Sent from 33MU,RAF Lyneham,to India where details of service lost.Recovered to Blackbushe,England, by Doug Arnold in early 70s as part of Warbirds of Great Britain.Fighter Collection engineers took over restoration & completed August 1992.

Flying Legends Airshow, the world famous aerial spectacular of great classic piston engine fighters, bombers and legendary aircraft of both First and Second World Wars, in Duxford airfield.

Spitfire 1

Battle of Britain: See How Spitfire WWII Fighter Planes are Restored in New Zealand

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