Portrait of a lady reading a book. William Oliver (1823 - 1901)

tradicionalart: ““Portrait of a Lady”, detail, by William Oliver (British, ”

My old world~Lady with a Black lace mantilla!!!

Reading Girl Friedrich von Amerling Austro-Hungarian portrait painter in the court of Franz Josef. Court painter between 1835 and Most popular portrait painter of the high aristocracy and the large middle class of the Biedermeier period.

ColourThySoul ... Jacques-Émile Blanche - Portrait de Lucie lisant un livre

Portrait de Lucie lisant un livre. Jacques-Émile Blanche (French, A Victorian woman in a layered white dress forgets her perfect posture as she leans forward into her fascinating story. "Lucie Reading"painted in

Johan Gudmundsen-Holmgreen(1858ー1912)「A little girl reading」

Johan Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (Danish, 1858 - - "Læsende lille pige" (A little girl reading), 1900

Marie Bashkirtseff, At a Book (1882). (1858-1884) Peintre et sculpteure d'origine ukrainienne, elle a tenu son journal de l'âge de 15 ans. Formée à l'Académie Julian (France), l'une des rares en Europe à accepter les femmes, elle a produit une oeuvre importante en regard de sa vie brève. Beaucoup de ses tableaux ont été détruits par les Nazis durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

pintoras: Marie Bashkirtseff (Ukrainian, 1858 - At a book (via The Athenaeum)

Reading and Art: Albert Anker

"Alte Frau", also known as "Old Woman" (Date unknown), by Swiss artist - Albert Anker Medium unknown, Dimensions unknown, Owner/Location unknown.

“A summer beauty century). Oil on canvas. English school, dominant school of painting in England throughout the second half of the century and the first half of the Its establishment marked the rise of a.

Sunday Afternoon, Interior With Girl Reading by Michael Peter Ancher

Sunday Afternoon - Interior With A Girl Reading, Michael Peter Ancher – Danish)

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Portrait of a girl in green reading. Francis John Wyburd (British, Wyburd exhibited genre, literary and historical paintings at the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute, and at the Society of British Artists. This is a typical example of.