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Crooked House

fairy house play house outdoor-play-space-ideas perfect for the girls playhouse!


Another really nice tree yarn bombed in lace knitting. Early Frost by Janet Morton. Wards Island, Toronto, The project included 13 locust trees in the Metro Zoo courtyard.

Garden Art from DIY projects to Art to Buy Whether it is in your backyard garden or a world famous garden like Keukenhof, art can add so much to the garden. On Pinterest there are a lot of DIY proj…

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Seed Head (Giant Steel Metal Seed Heads Garden /Yard statues /Sculptur) by David Mayne (Diy Garden Sculpture)


Amazing yarn bombed tree spotted in Beijing, China - I'm so yarn bombing a tree in my yard this looks awesome :)

these trees are the work of a socially-driven art project started by australian artist konstantin dimopoulos, most recently exhibited in vancouver, british columbia, canada. dimopoulos and a team of volunteers use a water-based pigment to turn the trees “ultramarine blue,” according to a statement from seattle-based 4culture. the goal: to inspire awareness about global deforestation. the next city to receive painted trees will be seattle, washington.

Why trees are turning blue in Seattle

35 million acres of trees are cut down every year. Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos paints trees blue using environmentally safe pigment to bring attention to this issue. Click image for more info.

Tree branch wall sculptures, from Neiman Marcus

Tree Branch Wall Decor by Arteriors at Horchow. Saw on hi-lo project. Pour silver oil base paint into tub of water. Drag branches thru for good coverage. Love this but think I would just use Krylon Spray Paint in gold.


Thanks to Berg for the tip to this fabulous new knit bomb interpretation! See so many doilies at thrift stores. Maybe I should do my tree in the back yard for the garden tour. That would shake a few people up.

Turning dead trees into beautiful art. - - - -Dead Trees Come Alive In Colorado

Curiosities: Rainbow Trees Curtis Killorn, an artist from Colorado, creates amazing works of art by painting dead trees, essentially bringing them back to life in all the colors of the rainbow.

Cede by Jessica Travers steel and willow

Poppy seed garden decorations made of willow branches. Cede by Jessica Travers steel and willow.

make faces on trees in the garden (via adalin.mospsy.ru) in russian but plenty of pictures

make faces on trees in the garden (via adalin.ru) in russian but plenty of pictures

Placement and balance: Use sculpture to dramatize and emphasize your landscape’s best focal points.

Terra Sculpture creates contemporary outdoor sculptures for the Modern Garden -- landscape art crafted from metal, stainless steel and weathered steel.

Paint dead trees a bright color for instant garden art! Why didn't I think of this?

For inexpensive garden art, paint dead trees vibrant colors. These are in the perennial beds at the West Tennessee Education and Research Center in Jackson.Photos by Christine Arpe Gang Special to The Commercial Appeal