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The girl next to kookie must be happy :( and was like 'YO JEON JUNGKOOK IS GRADUATING NEXT TO ME! AND HE'S MY CLASSMATE'

Part of why BTS is so amazing. And let's not forget how when jungkook was feeling awkward and wanted to go with them but they started nagging him and saying that he had to make friends. They are still nagging him to make friends.

TAEHYUNG ~♡ quando não entendes as piadas na 1 são entendes passado 30 minutos kkk

TAEHYUNG ~♡ I can look at him for my whole life but never stop smiling


I write BTS x Reader imagines, smuts and scenarios Requests are open, Thanks for reading xx >Awardee of the bangtan awards 2017

Yup thats maknae line

So I asked my friend to explain this picture Friend: Guy in hoodie tries to make a pillow and a sandal kiss. Guy in front is being sacrificed so it will happen. Guy in back is scared of the powers.


My heart ; How can he be so cute but sexy at the same time? Like literally what Jimin

[BTS Bon Voyage] They're such sweethearts ❤

I feel him I've gotten carsick my whole life. long trips are agony for me. Taking motion sickness pills make me really angry so in favor of others I prefer getting sick over angry.