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The red wine glass is decorative and can be used for many purposes other than drinking red wine. The glasses can be used to serve desserts or glasses in several different sizes can be placed in the middle of the table with cut flowers.  #holmegaard #charlotteamalie #redwine
Georgian Baluster Ale Glass which dates to 1730. http://www.scottishantiques.com/georgian-wine-glasses/baluster-stems?status=active
Bohemian Engraved Ruby Port Glass A little red glass that may be used for ruby port or gin as you wish
A magnificent Georgian "Heavy Baluster" goblet which dates to 1730. http://www.scottishantiques.com/georgian-wine-glasses/baluster-stems?status=active
Nøgen Jomfru. ca 1700. Norway.
Idéelle Red Wine Glass #Holmegaard www.holmegaard.com
18th Century Hollow Pedestal Stem Wine Glass. Lead crystal glasses do not come much finer than this English George 11 wine glass from 1740 http://scottishantiques.com/georgian-wine-glasses/pedestal-stem?product_id=3812#.VgsCw85Cm-4
Georgian dram glass Date : c1820 Period : George IV Origin : England Colour : Clear Bowl : Slice cut bucket Stem : Blade collar above a ball knop Foot : Conical Pontil : Polished Glass Type : Lead Size : 4 inches tall with a 2 5/16 inch bowl and 2 1/8 inch foot Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks Restoration : None Weight : 118 grams References : English, Scottish & Irish Table Glass By G. Bernard Hughes – Page 375 Figure 307.
The engraved design of hops and barley shows it was meant for beer. Some beers such as Stingo were strong, like today's barley wine and were drunk from small glasses.
Georgian Pedestal Stem Glass c1740 Crystal glasses from the 18th century. Welcome to scottishantiques.com http://scottishantiques.com/georgian-wine-glasses/pedestal-stem/champagne-coupe1#.VgsP0c5Cm-4