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true story<< I think the fact that it has less than ten episodes is why it ruins your life

This makes me happy I mean really really happy because the characters all ways become real to the fans and this is just wonderful

Faith in humanity is restored. That little boy will always believe in our beloved Doctor.


*SPOILER ALERT* That Moment On Sherlock When Everyone Watching Just STOPPED LIVING For 10 Seconds…I mean I don't ship Sherlolly.well, at least not as much as I ship Johnlock, but I legitimately stopped living for like a minute.

You just HAD to go there... <--- I think people ridicule us on only having two seasons, six episodes...

"I will find you, and I will skin you!" "And I'll burn your heart out of you!


Sherlock moved John's chair because he couldn't stand it being empty. On a side note, its not that hard to fold a frame into a chair like that. (ahh, the vacant chair; so sad, it hurts my heart!

"Benedict can cry on cue." and so can I.. *cues tears* ALSO THIS IS MY 4000TH PIN! I HAVE A PROBLEM

another one of the awesome facts about Benedict :)<--yes this is true but it hurts me inside every time i see him cry fake or not

Young boys

Grown-ups like that sort of thing. I don't know, I'll ask one. Almost an adult Sherlock, almost.<<< of sherlock

Give Sherlock his violin back, John.< NOT THE VIOLIN! Sherlock is the whole reason I want to learns how to play the violin just sos you knows