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if i turn in to a lama i would just eat all day long... not very different from my life right now

if i turn in to a lama i would just eat all day long. not very different from my life right now<--same(that comment tho XD)

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable. Hahaha

The batman: saving Gotham via chocolate milk. Thank you, the batman.

Muahahahaha! (That's... That's an evil laugh, that's what I was going for there...)

And this is how famous authors should annihilate their foes. <<< Well, I like writing, and I could surely do something like this, just to see. It would be wonderful! I'll do that sometime, if I ever start writing for a living.

And... they are no longer friends.

Chris... I want to play a game.


Get your meme on!

*hole in the middle of my heart like a polo* my American self thought they meant the shirt logo!

I literally started counting in French before I read the language part

Pinning because it made me laugh and reminded me of Hetalia. Because apparently, America meeds to get to a thousand to have an A on a spelt number. America just hates to lose.

The last one is pure gold. Just imagine the guy, sarcastically saying that, and then seeing that shit and being like "Oh my God. I'm gonna make millions out of this!"

The Jeff one is hilarious. The dik-dik is real, but it isn't pronounces xylophone. Lol it's funny though.

Haha but I would wanna meet peeta and katniss....

Being in the hunger games would be scary. But has any one read the Maze Runner? it's my favorite book series EVER! and I honestly think it would be scary then the hunger games

I can only imagine! Lol

My cousin has two deaf parents and just posted "You don't know the struggle until you run out of toilet paper and everyone in your house is deaf." and i'm laughing reALLY HARD