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Percabeth Fanart by Burdge bug. I, the Percy Jackson fanatic, have stumbled upon two of my favorite things. Cool art, and books.

By Burdge ¦ tumblr   percy drowning. WHY BURDGE.

burdge: Drawing a drowning Percy is becoming more of a challenge than I thought it would be. It might be time to turn to painting… -- gah

"Percy, your thumb is covering the camera lens." Percabeth. <3 art by Burdge

"percy, your thumb is covering the camera lens." Burdge Selfie: Percy and Annabeth by burdge

Max and Fang by Burdge bug.

Dija and Jack

Aww percabeth

Someday I will meet Brigid Vaughn aka burdge-bug, who does these AWESOME drawings<<<this is one of the best Percabeth drawings I've ever seen.

Лео и Калипсо

Лео и Калипсо

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Someone threatened to throw my son of Neptune book and I was like I sware on percabeths relationship if you so I will nock you out