6.4 Vija Celmins, Untitled, 1970. Directly related to Magritte's work. Making herself diminuitive in relation to this comb that she created.

Chuck Close in Conversation with Vija Celmins About Her Dense Yet Infinite Drawings

Ocean Surface Wood Engraving 2000, 2000  Vija Celmins  Wood engraving on Zerkall paper

Ocean Surface Wood Engraving 2000 Vija Celmins Wood engraving on Zerkall paper

Louise Bourgeois at work, New York, 2009, by Dimitris Yeros. With artists, there's no such thing as retirement. The way life should be!

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)

Vija Celmins says that the thing she likes about painting is that "[I]t just takes a second for the information to go all the way in. Then you can explore it later."  "Through the making you make a million decisions that give the work a personal identity that develops over painting it many times. And it gives it a certain kind of presence."  The viewer is able to "scrutinize it and relive the making of it  . . . ."  It's a wonderful description of the artistic process.

'The thing I like about painting is that it takes just a second for the information to go in' says Vija Celmins 'and you can explore and analyse that…

Photo of Hesse by Barbara Brown circa 1963, from a newly uncovered cache of photos by this photographer. Quote from Hesse's journals.

Eva Hesse's life story has all the requisite elements of a rousing documentary or tear-jerking biopic.