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<p>These gorgeous mosaics of insects and butterflies are the works of artist/designer Christopher Marley. His obsession with insects actually began out of a fear of bugs, but eventually grew into an appreciation for their beauty. Marley creates a myriad of designs out of natural things like beetles, bugs, butterflies, moths, carnivorous plants, seashells and even […]</p>

Pheromone Design: Christopher Marley

Work from the Pheromone collection by Christopher Marley - he incorporates insects, fossils, crystals, feathers, and other items and arranges them by hand. Via Design Milk.

Ladybirds Antique Print Insects Vintage Lithograph by Craftissimo, €14.00

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Beautiful Colour of Insects by Christopher Marley Insect Mosaic


Pheromone by Christopher Marley. Pheromone collection incorporates insects, fossils collected and laid out by hand.

Mosaicos coloridos de Insectos -001

Incredible Limited Aesthetica arrangement by natural artist Christopher Marley.

30 Faits saillants à NY ENTREPRISE 2015 | Entreprises | Interior Design

30 Highlights at NY NOW 2015

With lush imagery, photographer Christopher Marley reminds readers to embrace the natural world with all of their senses.

Pheromone by Christopher Marley

Pheromone by Christopher Marley