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Awesome Animals: Sea Life, love sea horses, solo cute one of my favorites creatures in the waters

(RE&D) K-PAX Seahorse, tints of blue, classical green along with soulful orange is the title given to 54 species of marine fish in the genus Hippocampus. "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning "horse" and kampos meaning "sea monster.

Amazing Snaps: Purpel Sea Horse

I love sea Creature! Unlike most sea creatures, sea horses are monogamous for life and are the only species on earth in which the male carry the unborn young. *I love sea creatures*

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Seahorse ♥♥♥

exotic animals - Bing Images elegant and graceful are two ways you could describe seahorses

Seahorses are so cool~

Spiny sea horse I love the color blue and I love seahorses so this image makes me happy. I don't want to make a still life of this, but I want to use the color and the shape. I also want to acquire a pet seahorse.

Under the Ocean- 10 Amazing Pictures, Masked Butterfly fish.

The Masked Butterflyfish is found in the Red Sea and in the Gulf of Aden. Masked Butterflyfish feed on coral polyps, tentacles of featherdusters, and Christmas-tree worms.

Feña Fernando Díaz  photography   |    Commerson´s Dolphin, 2013

Commerson´s Dolphin, Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile - by Fernando Díaz Segovia

Lizard Island Octopus

LIZARD ISLAND OCTOPUS (no scientific name found) ©Dr. Julian Finn Another striking specimen discovered by the Marine Census of Life at the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island was this octopus. Other.