CUCURRÚ !! Landscapes by Mario Aguirre, via Behance

Some more visual development for my graduation project. Did a lot of background studies qhile trying to find the perfect home for the funny, colorful characters.

Oblivion defence by Petr Kollarcik, via Behance low poly clean minimal white

Inbox –

Inbox –

WillHouse by Duvan Piñeros

Low Poly was a technique originally used for making models and scenes for videogames, due to its render speed, which was achieved thanks to low polygonal resolution.

Erwin Kho // Islands

A continuation of the Islands series, Islands II is an exploration into the world of curated biomes.



Click to enlarge image mathew_borrett_15_20120408_1516669364.jpg

Drawings by Mathew Borrett: Room Series

Mathew Borrett& "Room Series" is very reminiscent of M. Escher& drawings of impossible, mind-bending architectural spaces.

lowpoly landscape - Google Search

An Interesting Trend - Low Poly Designs, very nicely done I like it!