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amerikansk pit bull terrier - Google-søk

amerikansk pit bull terrier - Google-søk

Speculative Smilodon colors by Viergacht on DeviantArt

These are some color schemes I came up with for the Ankur commission. Ultimately he decided he wanted the classic lion-colored sabretooth, though.

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Canine Anatomy notes 6 incisors (front canines/fangs, bottom canines are closer to the incisors than top caninesWolf tongues are floppy and thin, but rough to lick flesh off boneCarnivorous teeth .

Having been to many museums in NYC and DC. I can say the sizes are amazing but not as large as I thought when I was a kid.

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth millions of years ago. This is significant to me because dinosaurs play a huge roll in today's world.

TMHOTW: Bear Dogs by vcubestudios

Bear Dogs or Amphicyonids, were powerful predators in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa during the middle part of the Cenozoic Era. In the Continen.

Vukar DTA - closed by Umbrafen.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Boredom set in and I wanted to design stuff, so I decided to design some vukar on the lines I did for the species info! These are all draw (or write) to adopt!

Drawing_Canine Profile

Draw wolf furries for beginners together with deviantart how to draw canine heads together with anime wolf puppy furthermore how to draw anthro dragon also how to draw wolf head drawings.

Zebrafeet's Art

Some fossa sketches! They’re the biggest carnivores on Madagascar, though they pose little threat to humans. Despite their catlike appearance, they are actually closely related to the mongoose and.

Alien Streamers by Mr--Jack

tv/mrjackart Playing around with some aliens and dinosaur shapes after playing a bunch of No Man's Sky over the we.