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building the world's most iconic viking ship, part 1 - Robin Wood

tatterhood: “ Building the World’s Most Iconic Viking Ship, Part 1 ”

A small boat, build in the viking clinker method, with overlapping streaks, sealed with hemp strings, soaked in birch pitch, and peen rivited. The hull is constructed first, and the frame fitted in afterwards, which gives this type of vessel a unique flexibility. In comparison "modern" ship building methodes are primitive!

The custom-built Viking ships are offered in a range of models, including the nearly ten-metre Gokstad Ship. Museum selling Viking ships to the public

Viking ship building. A shallow draft allowed both seagoing and sailing far up shallow rivers for access to raiding dwelling sites along waterway trade routes. Stowable masts allowed crossing seas to new territories, while rowing enabled travel in dead calms and sneak attacks against coastal and river communities alike.

building the world's most iconic viking ship, part 5 - Robin Wood

building the world's most iconic viking ship, part 1 - Robin Wood

The Oseberg Viking Ship is an incredible survival and this is the story of building a complete new replica using traditional viking ship building crafts.

Smaller version, Viking boat

This small Viking boat displays the same clinker building as large Viking ships


In 1903 a Norwegian farmer dug into a mound in one of his fields and made a discovery which ar.

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