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Sry for the bad word

Sry for the bad word

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Photo - Google Photos

How dare you.

This is why the books are better

Peeves knew Lupin before, and I bet they were buds.

Some of the best lines of the entire series were mercilessly cut from the movies.

19 Tumblr Posts That Prove The "Harry Potter" Books Are Way Better Than The Movies

Four words: "Have a biscuit, Potter.

If you look at their feet, it would give you a great understanding of how much dedication it takes. They are amazing athletes.

Harry Potter

When your a Hufflepuff but in this you’re a Gryffindor<<< nah i'm a snake and it fits perfectly

Here you go

Me: *reads virgo is better than you at everything* Me: I knew it

Oh my word

It's funny b/c a lot of people prob. assumed it was meant in a more endearing way, when really Draco's being petty and Lucius is done with Draco and his pettiness.

Awww it's Harry all over again *sobs* idc about anything teddy is my favourite character of all ❤️❤️❤️

Awww teddy and Ginny!


i thought this was amusing but one of those dumb inaccurate things. but then I got to Hufflepuff and holy cow it is so true for me << SAME. Everything in Ravenclaw and about of Slytherin is SO true for me.

The ending

Yeah Harris year kind of ruined that tradition. I wonder if there were any disspaointed years who had been planning for that muck-up day for years.

But Luna and herbology and her having a really cute apartment with lots of flowers and baking and just take book Luna with her wavky ideas and plants and magical creatures and ugh

Luna as a tattoo artist