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"Koi" Mermaid Mousepad

Starry Night With My Friends by *InaWong on deviantART

Koi girl (Ina Murwani Prasetyaningrum aka InaWong is a young digital artist / illustrator based in the Indonesian city of Surakarta.

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The Art of Liana Hee : VERSUS: A Show of Opposites - Unique Koi Mermaid watercolor paintings - zesty-tattoo


Pinned here for the matchy matchy colours etc Mermaid and Sea Dragon by Tinadh

Mysterious Curiosity

poor lonely space mermaid peeking, waiting for the space ranger prince to come for her with his rocket ship space mermaid

Histoire Jenna / Silver Source :

"Countries into fish people. but I still want to know what america would be. most likely a trout or something." - I assume this is a reference to Hetalia. Note the hair curl on the clown fish there.

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the koi pond (thanks for all the kind words, guys!) by fannyb ~ Inkscribble Dress Up

Kinda dig the elbow fins

Koi Mermaid 2012 by Neolucky, USA "Basically there's this koi mermaid image I traditionally made some odd years ago, and it's always done well at conventions. So I thought it'd be nice to revisit the picture, and make it a new watercolor print.