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Strikket min første vott 👻

Strikket min første vott 👻

Si era dimenticato di quella volta che volevo fare la prestigiatrice. Ero bravissima, solo che ero io a sparire. /My Girl/

56 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Ugly Cry

My Girl -- This might have been the first movie I cried during.

The 16 Most Endearing Friendships Of The '90s

These are the shutters in my girls’ nursery. We’v - http://www.hgtvdecor.com/decoration-ideas/these-are-the-shutters-in-my-girls-nursery-wev.html

Commode à langer en 19 exemples superbes

Cute idea for a nursery.These are the shutters in my girls' nursery. We've loved having the diaper storage off of the changer surface, but close by.

These 10 Cleaning Hacks that everyone should know are SO GOOD! I'm so glad I found this GREAT POST! I've already gotten a stain out of my favorite dress that I NEVER thought would come out! So glad I found this! Pinning!

10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything

FOR YOU LAZY BITCHES!How Often Should You Clean Everything This is a great check off list when cleaning up the home. It helps you break it all down so it doesn’t feel overwhelming when trying to clean your house.

Beautifully tragic movies you need to see. Prepare to feel more than you've ever felt before

Heartbreaking Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

Beautifully tragic movies you need to see. Prepare to feel more than you've ever felt before(Best Movies Film)

Genius shelving unit and desk using an IKEA Expedit. Perfect storage solution for a child's room, entertainment center, or home office.

IKEA Expedit Turned into a Great Shelving Unit with Desk

Genius shelving unit & desk using an IKEA Expedit (now called IKEA Kallax). Perfect storage solution for child's room, entertainment center, or home office.

These are the best diy accessories for your American Girl Doll! Hours of fun that my girls loved making and playing with.

Free, Printable 18" Doll Accessories

Meet the New American Girl Doll of the Year: Saige!    She is from Albuquerque N.M    How funny is that

The American Girl Doll of the Year 2013! Meet Saige from New Mexico

I PROMISE YOU YOUR GIRLS WILL LOVE THIS LESSON! My girls came back the next meeting telling me how they loved having them in their bedrooms. Category: Living and Learning the Gospel. Duration: 1 session Supplies: The smallest cheapest paint brushes. (About 2 dollars for 20 or so from Hobby Lobby) Glow in the dark fabric paint. (Fabric p...Bring a clamp or reading light with a bright bulb to place jars under to charge them up.

Learn about a variety of DIY glow in the dark projects, games, and activities.

I want my girls to remember this as teenagers.WOULD LOVE TO RECREATE THIS AND FRAME FOR MY GIRLS More

15 Inspirational Quotes for Teens

Here are 10 creative decorating and organizing ideas to help you bring a little life to your bedroom this summer.

10 Tips for Decorating and Organizing Your Room for Summer

Such a beautiful contrast on light between the fairy lights and the positioning of the bed by the window. Hope this gives you an idea for your room x love the canopies ;

Making a rain cloud in a jar is a great experiment for kids that teaches them about the weather.  My girls loved the original experiment so much that I sought recreate it with a fun twist.  My girls w

Storm in a Jar Experiment (Growing A Jeweled Rose)

For my girl Connie since she refuses to go to the gym with me!!! @Connie Hamon Hamon Hamon Hamon Brzowski Levie 30 day everything challenge =D

Get a Flat Stomach in a Week

A belt is one of the best fashion accessories that a girl could ever have. Look great by picking one that works with your body type.   Very me!

The Best Belt for Your Body Type