Arrogance Personified.

Kathleen ~ Opinion (black and white) (scratchboard) Smart - 1 colour, 2 effects (black on white and white on black)

'That Dog' - More Prints ....

*That Dog* - 'What's on his little green mind.' - Lino cut print on Arches paper - From S.

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Titel: The Welsh Corgi Cardigan mixed with the Jack Russell Terrier Numbers: 10 Materiaal: Linocut Paper: incision Druk techniek: Press on

Morley, Nat  : Rook Tree, 1999 (woodcut)

The artwork Rook Tree, 1999 (woodcut) - Nat Morley we deliver as art print on canvas, poster, plate or finest hand made paper.

Flying Crows, Tony Angell

weekly geeks: quoth the raven, "nevermore"

Flying Crows, Tony Angell ~ illustration from the book In The Company of Crows and Ravens by John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell

ANNA SEE: October 2011

The Penguins Hand-pulled Linocut Art Print by Anna See on The Bazaar. Buy creative products by Anna See online!

lino print (Betty's Hen no.5) by adeegan  Leeds, England, United Kingdom

ORIGINAL lino print (Betty's Hen no.5)

lino print (Betty's Hen by adeegan Leeds, England, United Kingdom I love lino- prints! The red really stands out!

Seahorse Emblem Block Print by kirayustak on Etsy

Seahorse Emblem - Linocut Print

Brilliant!! Soooooo **love*** this!!  "SunFlower Robbers" by Dona Reed, Rainshadow Arts

You was never no locomotive sunflower! You was a sunflower! "SunFlower Robbers" by Dona Reed, Rainshadow Arts

Wren in roses - lino cut print - Jane Kendall, U.K.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Wren in Roses lino cut print