Moomin and Snufkin by on @deviantART

Picture for Moomin competition in honor of the anniversary of Tove Jansson. Illustration by Nokeek - Lena Gnedkova


I can't even express, how I love this piece of Snufkin fan art.

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vederlicht: “ August is Moomin Day on Pixiv, as it is the birthdate of Tove Jansson. It’s the day where you might find epic pictures like this one.

The Groke by Widunder on DeviantArt

The Moomin, exploring the dark night, through witch he for some reason can not sleep. The Groke

Riikka Auvinen

Little painting of Moomin and Snufkin. I like to imagine Moomin is going to take all of those lovely plump flowers back home to his mother. I really love these two and their overload adorable friendship. Wip pictures, sketches and a.

Jox and Snufkin sketches by ~Tamasaburo89 on deviantART

Just some Joxter and little Snufkin sketches. It's probably a little ooc and I don't know if the Joxter would've acted that daddy-like when h. Jox and Snufkin sketches