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Vintage Glamour Girls: Joan Fontaine

Vintage Glamour Girls: Joan Fontaine

2013 in film and TV : Joan Fontaine, American actress, died December 15, at the age of 96

2013 in film and TV : Joan Fontaine, American actress, died December at the age of I always thought of her as being more versitile, more talented than her famous sister, Olivia de Havilland.

Joan Fontaine, beautiful, sexy, nervy, vulnerable with a hidden steely depth ... oh, and the original Jane Eyre.

Heart breaking news has arrived this morning that British American actress Joan Fontaine, Academy Award achiever died yesterday. Fontaine, died in sleep at her home in Carmel as conveyed by her long-time friend Noel Beutel.

Joan Fontaine, 1917-  (sister to Olivia de Havilland)

Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine ne Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland, Tokyo Japan, Natural causes. Sister to actress Olivia de Havilland, with whom she had an estranged relationship.

Joan Fontaine ~ [on Charles Boyer] "Charles Boyer remains my favorite leading man. I found him a man of intellect, taste and discernment. He was unselfish, dedicated to his work. Above all, he cared about the quality of the film he was making, and unlike most leading men I have worked with, the single exception being Fred Astaire, his first concern was the film, not himself."

Joan Fontaine - right loads of people I'm sure will disagree with me but she's the same in every film ( much like Kristen stewart is in hers) - except Joan fontaine is like a wimpering startled/scared rabbit

2013 Deaths - ACTRESS JOAN FONTAINE. Joan Fontaine with Laurence Olivier in Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca

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