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Vintage Glamour Girls: Jane Fonda

Vintage Glamour Girls: Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda reading the newspaper in bed in pajamas, 1963. In 1963, Jane went to France to start shooting the crime thriller Joy House (1964) with Alain Delon. While in France, Jane also starred in the erotic drama Circle of Love (1964), in which she broke ground by becoming the first major American actress to do a nude scene in a foreign film. The film was directed by Roger Vadim, who married Fonda in 1965.

Jane FMenswear shirtings continue to be a constant source of inspiration.Check out this iconic photo of a young Jane Fonda lounging in a classic men's shirt

Jane Fonda fights the power-- gender bent Sirius!...BITCH! Vietnam Vets will never forget Hanoi Jane

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Jane Fonda arrested for drug smuggling, November Jane Fonda was found carrying a large amount of what appeared to be illegal drugs on her way back from speaking at an anti-Vietnam war fundraiser in Canada, November 1970

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Jane Fonda - Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War - insane ! Wonder if she feels that way now? Young and very 'dumb Jane' .

Jane Fonda - Hanoi Jane Traitor bitch during the Vietnam War - insane ! Young and very 'dumb Jane' .

Jane Fonda (N). "Relaxed" face contour. Line is still softer than D, but not "blurry" as of softer types.

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