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Need to remember for this Easter!

The Easter Bunny Baby: Perfect idea for a cute Easter picture. A baby bathtub filled with plastic Easter eggs and the baby of course is dressed in bunny ears !

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My sweet bunny baby this Easter. She's gone from being born early as a teensie weensie preemie baby to a chunky sweet snuggly baby in just 6 weeks. Thank god she is progressing so well. Best Easter Basket a mama could ask for.

How very beautiful!! I sooo wish I had a baby girl right now to dress herin this..Not only is this adorable, but the picture is worth a thousand words!!! Just Perfect!!! You will both go far in your business, the photographer and custom maker!!

Such a sweet Easter photography idea - I have a pink skirt and I'll look at hobby lobby for a tail - Kiddos at Home

Easter picture idea with a newborn baby. Love it! http://blogs.babble.com/babys-first-year-blog/2012/03/23/cute-easter-photo-ideas/

10 Cute Easter Photo Ideas for Baby

Baby in Jelly Beans. The infant can sit in this big jar and then filled it with jelly beans. The best time to get this shot is to put one jelly bean into its mouth. Make sure that your baby is old enough to eat it.

Omg...so cute, look at Hobby Lobby for Jumbo plastic eggs.

The Top 10 Most Adorable Newborn Photos of All Time

– Easter Surprise If your baby was born around Easter time, than this is the perfect idea for their first photo-shoot! The giant Easter egg just ties the whole picture together! A beautiful gift, indeed!

take a photo each month then on the photo edit in his memorable moments. NEED to remember this for the next one #What a great idea for a photography ✲#

Have baby photo session each month. Then on the photo, edit in baby's memorable moments and fun facts. The modern baby book - love it! (I'd probably do a baby book too, or try)