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Tokyo ghoul

Doesn't this look like arima wearing the hokage coat while doing a rasengan? but nevertheless this pic is awesomeee<<<<<lmaooo it iss

Tokyo Ghoul: RE chap 115 Trang 4 - Mangak.info

Tokyo Ghoul: RE : Chap đứa trẻ thắc mắc Truyện Tranh

But...but..he tried to kill you....Your not your name. ...your Kankeki....He's evil....yeah thats what i think......since i still.....didn't read Tokyo Ghoul:re....

"the man who named me, the man that killed me and the man that gave me hope. you were my teacher and my father" now cry. because I am crying too.

::Tokyo Ghoul:: Demons by Keyade on DeviantArt

::Tokyo Ghoul:: Demons by Keyade on deviantART<< oh my god, this feels dude like foreal

Waoh all my faves...IN ONE PLACE! gah love whoever did this beauty

Top to bottom: Suzuya Juuzou, Haise Sasaki, Kaneki Ken, Ayato Kirishima, Shironeki!