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Establishing a Food Forest With ChickensREALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

Have you ever heard of a “food forest”? Is that something like Big Rock Candy Mountain? No, rather than a fairy tale, it’s a real thing. It’s food-produ

Blushing Pink Orchid

This Blushing Pink Phalanenopsis Orchid will certainly make someone blush with its beautiful deep pink shades, creating exotic bold pink color and style.

Spring blooms I love to hold fndraisers. If you're in need of a fundraiser check out www.mygc.com/theamazingsmellofgold for candle fundraising info.  The profit of selling one 16 oz candle is equivalent to selling 14 candy bars or "If You're Not A Rodeo Fan...BUCK OFF!!" shirts. Check out EBay for shirt info. $5 of each shirt sold will benefit your organization.

Decorating with Collections

Peaflowers and roses

Peaflowers and roses


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How to Grow a Carpet of Moss

How to grow moss on outdoor statues, rock walls, pathways. Would be amazing to turn a green wall into a sculpture using this sort of idea.