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The Reichenbach Fall - " It's got flaps. It's an ear hat, John!


"It’s the new sexy." - Oh my f*cking God, this. Those LIPS! And his fingers. And Cumberneck.


i think i speak for many when i say bbc has ruined my life in the best way.---- you speak correctly.

Sherlock cookie cutter 221B door by BoeTech on Etsy, $8.75

Sherlock Cookie Cutter Baker Street Door by BoeTech on Etsy. Well then, I'm just going to need this.

stunt double ensuring the fall will be safe for Ben

Benedict Cumberbatch Photos - Benedict Cumberbatch shoots scenes for the TV series 'Sherlock' in London. - Benedict Cumberbatch Shoots 'Sherlock' in London 3


Greg is just having fun, I think they didn't make it until closing time NOT because they are light weights, but because Molly's calculations were so good, but Jawn insisted on taking those extra shots and threw off the carefully planned alcohol intake.


"Don't make people into heroes John, heroes don't exist and if they did I wouldn't be one"-Sherlock Holmes

Little John trying to be that nice kid!

Hyperventilating from cuteness of kidlock.>> Oh and you know, Sherlock playing with a dead bird and all. < I am like Sherlock in many aspects.

I don't know why I'm pinning this but I am.

All pictures from the new BBC teaser trailer Sherlock season <-- If you're wondering what song this is, it's "Coming Home" by Diddy featuring Skylar Grey.